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Streambar Troubles with consistency

I have a newer (1.5 years old) LG TV, Xfinity cable (WiFi connection) & a new Roku streambar. I experience the following issues. I am connected via HDMI on each input.

1. When using roku multiple apps. I will be kicked back to the Roku home several times. This tends to happen at the beginning of streaming.

2. Intermittently when I am switching from Roku streaming to the cable input the Roku sound will not come on.  I have to change the LG tv setting to (from ARC).  Then occasionally the TV will go blank & the Roku sound will come back. It may switch back several times during the night.

Please help


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Re: Streambar Troubles with consistency

Hi @Jasonabe,

Thanks for making your first post here in the Roku Community.

We'd like to know more about this issue you're experiencing and see how we can help. Are you using the HDMI cord that is included with the device? Have you tried using a wired connection or ethernet connection to see if there are any differences? Also, if your TV has an HMDI port labeled ARC, we recommend directly connecting the Roku Streambar to it. For more information, visit our support page here: How to set up your Roku Streambar.

Let us know what you find out!



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