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Strange HDMI issue (only works with included cable)

I am using a Roku express in my GMC Yukon (for the rear seat entertainment). I experience video glitches (lines on the screen, white flashes, video hiccups, etc) when using any other HDMI cable other than the one that came with the Roku. I have tried three other HDMI cables, the other HDMI port, and switching resolutions (it is set to 720p but I tried 1080p as well)… But the video only works properly when using the Roku supplied hdmi cable. Any idea why this would be the case? 

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Re: Strange HDMI issue (only works with included cable)

Maybe the socket is a little dodgy physically, so the size of the plug matters? Try other high quality cables, try wiggling the cable in the socket, try cleaning with a cotton bud barely wetted with isopropyl alcohol?

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