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Reel Rookie

Static Reverb type Sound from Streambar

I’ve been having a strange static reverb type sound with my streambar the past couple days. I reset it, tried updating it, checked and sampled every possible audio set up, and of course unplugged it. Nothing is fixing it or making it better. I searched the forums but didn’t see anything for this (maybe I missed it? There is a lot here) but it has been so frustrating. Please help!! 

Model: 9102R Roku Streambar

Serial Number YL001J326600

Software 11.0.0 build 4193-95

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Reel Rookie

Re: Static Reverb type Sound from Streambar

Same exact issue and model


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Re: Static Reverb type Sound from Streambar

I just reached out to support for the same issue for a device that is not abused; just normal use.

Warranty is only for 1 year, so I got offered a 30% off another device. To me, it is a meager response for a known device failure. I don't think I will trust buying any of these audio devices ever again.


Re: Static Reverb type Sound from Streambar

Same problem here. I’ve contacted them 2 months ago and apparently I have been forwarded to the Priority team. I have been in contact every week and they keep telling me I will need to wait until the team get back to me. What a joke how can they call themselves Priority team.

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