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Sound through Roku app and TV at the same time

I am a little hard of hearing (40 decibel loss), but my 6 year old daughter is Autistic and has excellent hearing. If I play the TV at a volume I can clearly hear it then it is an issue for her. Is there a way for me to play sound through my phone's Roku app while it is also playing through the TV's speakers? That way we can actually watch TV together at a volume that works for both of us. Thanks!

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Re: Sound through Roku app and TV at the same time

I am also hard of hearing have the same problem with my children please let me know if you find out the answer. 


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Re: Sound through Roku app and TV at the same time

@Rusty2465  this thread is 2 years old now.  There is still no way to do this.  While the Private Listening feature, which is on the Voice Remote Pro, as well as the remotes supplied with two Roku Ultra models, is set to On, the sound will not be heard on the speakers of the TV set.  That is your only answer.

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Re: Sound through Roku app and TV at the same time


You can no longer do this with the Roku mobile app. (you used to, but not any more).

You can certainly look into Avantree Bluetooth Receivers that you may be able to hook up to your TV or an AVR system.  There may be other manufacturers, but I believe this is a good starting point.  With certain TVs (not all), you can use the Avantree paired with Bluetooth headphones/earbuds/hearing aids, etc. and be able to listen through both the TV speakers and the headphones.



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