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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Sound fluctuations where sound suddenly blasts up and is garbled

Hi @newjakv,

Thanks for your first post in the Roku Community!

We would be more than happy to look further into this audio issue but will need more details. Can you please provide us with the following information:

  1. Which streaming channels are you experiencing this issue on?
  2. Does the issue only occur on a specific channel or all channels on your Roku device?
  3. If the issue is only with the channel alone, have you tried removing the channel, restarting your device from Settings>System>Power>System restart (If you do not see a Power submenu, skip to the next step), then once it loads up again, adding the channel back once more to see if that clears things up?
  4. Are you using an A/V receiver or soundbar with your TV/Roku player setup?
  5. What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far to try to resolve the issue?

With more information, we will be able to assist you further.

Best regards,

Mary F.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Sound fluctuations where sound suddenly blasts up and is garbled

This issue continues…,, this is getting so old.  
I have deleted and reinstalled
I am not using a sound bar or a a/V.
occurs almost hourly watching both Xfinity and Netflix.  4 different TV’s/Roku express media players
I fix the issue by backing out of the channel I’m watching and then going to it again. 

one change now is that the volume drops extremely low and cracks instead of blasting and cracking. Does both though.

here are 13 more issue ID tracker numbers:

39-102-086    Time stamp 2023-03-12t21:26:25z

39-101-967     Time  2023-03-12t19:27:45z

39-100–646.     time 2023–03–11 T212612Z

39-100-621    Time  2023-03-11t21:01:28z

02-100-443    Time  2023-03-11t18:03:17z

39-099-181     Time  2023-03-10t21:01:54z

39-099-052     Time 2023-03-10t18:52:02z

58-097-884     Time  2023-03-09t23:24:46z

02-097-756    Time  2023-03-09t21:16:38z

58-096-435     Time 2023-03-08t23:15:15z

02-093-729   Time  2023-03-07t02:09:31z

02-092-391   Time  2023-03-06t03:51:52z

02-086-479   Time  2023-03-02t01:19:45z

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