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Re: Sound drops out when new episode starts

Having a similar issue.  Happens on multiple apps.  Happens sometimes between episodes.

I have a Sharp Roku TV and a Vizio 5.1 Sound Bar.

Setting the output to Stereo, even if it worked, kind of defeats the purpose of watching a show that has surround sound.  

My workaround, that doesn't work all the time, is to turn off the soundbar, turn it back on, change the volume and hope the sound picks up.  It very much sounds to me like a handshake issue in figuring out the correct mode to establish the connection with the speakers.  

This has been happening A LOT more since the version 10 OS.  


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Re: Sound drops out when new episode starts

Been having this issue for the last 4 days while watching Netflix. EVERY time a new episode starts, it's silent. Come to realize that it's because for some reason with every new episode, the audio keeps getting set to English [Original] (5.1). Like at the bottom of the screen where you can turn on subtitles there's an option that says "✔other" and when I click that it brings up a list that says:



English (CC)

✔ Off


English [Original]

✔English [Original] (5.1)



Usually it's the very FIRST one, English [Original] that's ALWAYS checked off. Now for some random reason every time a new episode starts, the English Original (5.1) is checked off and then I have to manually switch it back for EVERY **bleep** episode in order for the audio to turn back on. It's absolutely infuriating.

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