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Sound and video cut out when starting up

I have a strange one.  When first turning on my system both the audio and video cut out intermittently.  It happens every 15-20 seconds, when it cuts out for a millisecond, then continues to repeat.

i am able to fix it by changing hdmi ports on my AVR and then changing back.  After that it plays fine... until the next day.

The fix leads me to believe it’s some type of handshake issue, but I have no clue how to fix it.

For info my setup is Roku SS+, into HDMI3 on Yamaha AVR.  The AVR is connected to a Samsung Q70r TV.

At night I power everything down (except the Roku), and the problem repeats when I power back on the next day.  It does not happen every time, but maybe 80% of tge time.  I also didn’t always have the problem.  As a guess it started 6-8 months ago.

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Re: Sound and video cut out when starting up


Thanks for the post.

Are you still experiencing the same issue if you connect your Roku device directly to your TV?

Please keep us posted what you find out.


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Re: Sound and video cut out when starting up

Thanks for the response.  I haven’t tried plugging it into the TV since I’ve had this issue.  However, I don’t have easy access to power near the TV’s HDMI ports.  That means I have to use USB power.  I’ve done this before, and it works with no issues; however when the TV is turned off the power is cut to the Roku.  That means the Roku boots each time the system is turned on.  I’m quite suspicious that it will be fine plugged into the TV but only BECAUSE it reboots.  So I’m not sure what we’d be proving.

When I have the issue I’m currently having, rebooting fixes it.  However, I subsequently found changing to another HDMI port and back also fixes it, so I do that rather than reboot as it’s much quicker.

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