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Sound/Pixelation/Loud Alarm/Low Power

I have a streaming stick + model 3810RW.  It is 5 years old.  On Feb 25/23 I chatted with a tech named Pallavi about the current pixelation issue and he was forwarding my info to the engineers.  I haven't heard anything back yet.  However, I have several other issues as well.

Software version:  11.5.0

Build 4312-50

Wi-Fi Signal:  Excellent

Download speed:  92 mbps

1) Sound lowered by itself.  No buttons pressed.  Issue ID 41-080-692.  If I go back to the guide and reload the program - this issue fixes itself.

2) Sound became "tinny".  Issue ID 41-080-771.  Sometimes going back to the guide and reloading the program helps - sometimes not.

3) Pixelation.  Issue ID 41-082-262.  The only thing that helps this is resetting the system but it eventually comes back in a few days.

4) Loud Alarm Sound:  Issue ID 41-082-484.  Nothing resolves this.  It can happen several times during the day and it is LOUD.

5) Low Power:  Issue ID 41-086-295.  This has happened to me once before.  First I get told "no signal", then I see "low power".  If I wait appx 30 seconds everything goes back to normal and roku loads.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with my power.

I also have the express + model 3710X.  Software:  11.5.0.  Build 4312-28.  I have absolutely none of the above problems with the express +.  I prefer using the streaming stick as it is quite a bit faster.

If I were to get a new streaming stick - would it resolve all the above issues or is it the latest update that is causing all these problems?  I have not always had these issues.  They've been happening for about 2 months or so.

Thanks for any help/advice you can give me.






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