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Snowy screen

I have the Roku ultra and every time I turn it on I have a snow on the screen and it flashes of snow. I have to unplug the device and plug it back in to solve the problem. Have to do this on almost every start up. Anyone else having this issue. 

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Re: Snowy screen

I think I would try and isolate/rule out possibilities causing/contributing to the problem.

1. Ultra Device itself. (You are fixing it by rebooting). Also, is the power adapter working properly.

2. HDMI Cable from Ultra to HDMI Port. (Swap with another HDMI cable)

3. HDMI port (Choose another HDMI port if available)

4. Make sure Ultra Software up to date (Update 9.4 build 4200).


These are really all the things dealing with the video aspects of the Roku.  Some people throw a network router reboot into the mix of troubleshooting.  Can't hurt I guess (inferring network interference).


Just some suggestions for you.

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