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Shrinking picture but channel interface stays full screen

I have a brand new express 4k+ unit. Every 24 hours it keeps shrinking the picture to a small playback window in the top left corner of the screen. The streaming interface however still takes up the whole screen. Ex, the full screen will be used by Hulu for everything except the actual streaming of the show/movie. It is like that for every streaming app. The temporary solution I found is to remove ALL channels, restart Roku, then re-add the channels but it only last for 12-24 hours. There HAS to be a long term solution because I will ditch Roku if not. I can't keep deleting all chanels and then readding to have to resign into everything everyday. I don't have the time for that. Hopefully an employee will respond! Not having direct customer support is so frustrating!!

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Re: Shrinking picture but channel interface stays full screen

The only thing I can think to try is to set the display type setting on your Roku to the actual resolution of the tv it is connected to, and not rely on the "Auto detect" option.

Roku menu path: Settings > Display type

When you change the Display type to a new setting it runs you through several screens:

  • A screen where you can choose from the available options on that device.
  • A screen where it analyzes your choice to be sure your tv supports it, then gives the option of trying that choice if you wish.
  • A screen with a countdown timer and two choices:
        Yes, screen looks good
        No, I will choose a different setting
    The "No" option is highlighted by default. To set the screen resolution you're currently trying, you need to arrow up to the "Yes" option and click on it before the timer runs out.
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Re: Shrinking picture but channel interface stays full screen

Thanks for reaching out @makaiguy . I tried this a few times but it didn't seem to really resolve anything. Another member is having the same problem and found a way around it. It seems to be that when the Roku and TV are off together for a period of time, it triggers the glitch. The ONLY way to resolve it is to do a system reset under the settings. The glitch is happening less frequently, but still occurs. It's a solution, but it's just annoying and can be very repeptitive when it happens like 3x in one day.

I appreciate the advice! 

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