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Binge Watcher

Screen goes pixelated green and black with 4K x265 10bit HDR content

I just got a new LG G1 and I have several movies in 4K x265 10bit HDR.  On my Roku Premiere+ the screen goes pixelated green and black when I play them in roku media player from Serviio.  The same roku plays 1080p content just fine.  The same content with the same HDMI cables play fine on my appletv.

Does anyone have any advice on what could be going on?

Binge Watcher

Non existent support causes another lost customer

With non existent Roku support and Apple TV working great with the same content and cables I've reluctantly switched to the Apple TV on my main TV.  Apple TVs interface isn't as nice in my opinion, but it plays all content I throw at it and is significantly faster at loading large amounts of content.

It seems like many other threads in this forum are in the same boat.  People vote with their $.  Treat us better or I won't be the only one downgrading Roku to a guest bedroom TV.

Reel Rookie

Re: Screen goes pixelated green and black with 4K x265 10bit HDR content

hey- i have LG OLED 65C1PUB ,Onkyo 777, Roku Ultra 4k dolby atmos latest device

All channels work EXCEPT DISNEY PLUS. pixelates and flickers and black screen. ROKU support not able to fix. suggested i reach out to Disney Plus good luck on that. Also, disney plus works GREAT when i do not use the Roku box and stream from my LG TV. So I can live without one channel but something is not right here. Have tried all the settings and resets. Any feedback appreciated.