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Samsung TV + Yamaha Receiver + Roku - CEC Power on Issue

Here is my setup -
Samsung TV connected to Yamaha RX550 receiver via HDMI ARC connection
Yamaha receiver connected to Apple TV and Roku Ultra
CEC and HDMI ARC enabled on all devices

When I turn on TV with receiver previously in Apple TV mode before it was turned off, TV, receiver, and Apple TV all turn on. When I turn off TV, all get turned off. So no issues here.

When the receiver was in Roku HDMI mode before it was turned off, when I turn on TV, receiver is not turned on. I see the video because the receiver acts as a pass through but the sounds comes from the TV as receiver is not turned on. When both TV and Receiver are on and I turn off TV, Receiver is turned off though. It's just the powering on is an issue here. Am I missing something in my setup? I am hoping the experts here could help me resolve this obscure issue.

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