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Ruko stuck on volume 100-resetting not working

Stuck on volume 100 and non of the troubleshooting action steps have worked. 
1. reset router 

2. reset Ruko tv on back of screen

3. unplugged all connected cords and reconnected after 30 secs

4. purchased new universal Ruko remote

5. downloaded Ruko mobile app remote—nothing changed

Tv works fine expect volume stays at 100 and will not go down. 

HELP, please! [personal information removed]

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Re: Ruko stuck on volume 100-resetting not working

If this is a Roku TV and not a Roku device connected to a TV you should contact the manufacturer of the TV (which isn't Roku).

Where to get support for your Roku TV™ | Official Roku Support

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Re: Ruko stuck on volume 100-resetting not working

My situation is similar. I have used the Roku 4K with my Samsung TV for several months without any problems - until this weekend when the volume level is now suddenly stuck. The remote volume control shows that I can change volume from 25 through to 27 (although I cannot tell that there is any difference between 25 and 27) and will not go down any further. I have tried "everything". Resetting, re-synching, new batteries. Nothing works. Any recommendations? Can I return it to Best Buy? Thank you.

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Re: Ruko stuck on volume 100-resetting not working


Thanks for the post.

Are you currently able to still control the power of the Samsung TV with the remote? Are you able to continue to raise the volume on the Samsung TV?

If you are still experiencing an issue, can you please provide us with the model Samsung TV you are experiencing this issue with?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Ruko stuck on volume 100-resetting not working

I am having this same issue.  The volume just went from 6 to 100 by itself.  I cannot get it to go down by using the Roku remote or my tv remote.  What is the solution?   I cannot utilize my tv.  

Update:  I unplugged the hdmi cable from the Roku 4k ultra for a couple of minutes and then plugged it back in.  My universal tv remote allowed me to turn the volume down from 100 to 6.  So far so good.  The Roku remote volume appears to be working now.  

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Re: Ruko stuck on volume 100-resetting not working

Hi @GuRL-tr0bl3

Welcome to Roku Community. 

Thanks for keeping us updated and we express our gratitude for your effort in doing the steps. We're glad to hear that the matter has been resolved. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if there is any further assistance we may provide for you.


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