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Reel Rookie

Roku turning off while turning on

When I go to turn on my TV/Roku, it will start loading and then turns off my TV. This happens randomly and often over the past few weeks. I've checked for updates, restarted and everything, but still won't fix it.

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Roku turning off while turning on

Hi @Uniformly8758,

We appreciate you for posting in the Roku Community!

Thanks for letting us know about the behavior you are seeing with your Roku device and we appreciate the troubleshooting steps you've done so far. 

We want to perform a few steps to make sure we are providing the best service. Could you please try checking the "power saving" feature? You should be able to just press Home on your remote a few times to wake the Roku device from power saving or you can disable it under Settings->System->Power>Auto power savings>After 20 minutes of no interaction.

Please let us know if there's any difference after.

Best regards,

Mary F.
Roku Community Moderator
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