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Roku streaming stick 4k does not change picture mode on tv


I recently got a Roku streaming stick 4k for a Samsung KS8000 TV because the built in apps are running slow and freezing. My problem is that when viewing 4k/hdr content through a Roku app it does not automatically turn on the Samsung HDR+ mode under the special viewing mode picture settings. For example, when watching non 4k/hdr content the picture mode defaults to movie and when watching 4k/HDR the picture mode is supposed to change to HDR+. This happens automatically using the built in TV apps but when using the same apps in Roku I have to manually change this picture setting on my TV. Anyone know a fix for this? If not I'll have to return the Roku because that will get annoying fast.

Roku settings:

display is set to Auto detect and shows 4k-HDR10-HDCP 2.2 

Auto adjust display refresh rate is turned on.

HDR always on is turned off.

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