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Roku streaming Youtube TV won't resume playback after skipping commercials

I don't SEE anything that looks like what I've been getting for the last 5 - 6 months, so here goes!

We’ve had Youtube TV for a couple years.  Two users, 3 TVs, all with ROKU Express or Express+ units. All using three TVs use Rokus.  They’re not very fast, but I’m not sure any other remotes would be any better. 

By and large things worked OK til about 5 – 6 months ago.  What happens NOW only happens with recorded content.  Live TV is still fine at the moment, but Youtube has NOT been able to figure out what's wrong, so I figure any day now they’ll blame it on the Rokus.

On the Roku, go into the library, find and select a TV show to watch.  Click Play on the Roku, and it MAY start playing, or it may just sit there with the spinning circle.  Press the DOWN-ARROW to see the progress bar and attempt to jump forward 30 seconds. IT MAY OR MAY NOT MOVE.  If it DOESN’T, and you can’t skip forward on the progress bar, the program, as near as I can tell is NEVER going to start.  I don’t know what the Roku is doing or not doing at that point as I bang the Play button 10 or 50 or 200 times, but you’re dead as far as that program ever starting no matter how many times you press Play.

If you CAN move on the progress bar, you'll normally skip forward to a spot where the streaming WILL start – may be one 30 second skip or 2 or 10, but USUALLY if you can get it to move on the progress bar the recording will eventually START.

This happens on EVERY Roku on EVERY TV in every room they’re in – not necessarily the same program on all, but SOME programs in each of the libraries on EACH of the TVs will do this. 

OR, the program DOES start and plays.  At some point a commercial comes on and you press the 30 second skip to move through them to where the program starts again. 

It MAY NOT start.  It just sits there and spins.  Skip BACK one click and wait to see if it starts.  MAY start now, may not.  Repeat clicking back and forth, in 1 or 2 or 3 clicks at a time, until you get to a point where the program resumes.   You may now be two MINUTES back in the commercials, or 60 seconds into the next program segment, but EVENTUALLY you can USUALLY get the program to start playing again.

This is intermittent and seems random but typically happens anywhere from once in a while (1 or 2 times per hour) to EVERY time you skip a commercial break.

As far as I know, the ROKUs have ALL been updated.  They regularly get powered down and up.  I’m not sure if there is some OTHER sort of updating that needs to be done.  I presume they check for and apply updates when booted?

What I am pretty sure of is that it is NOT the data feed to the Roku.  I have multiple data feeds available from DSL to dedicated cell phone on it’s own router to a standalone router on a DIFFERENT network.  The same thing happens no matter WHICH data source is used or how much data is available.  5 Mbps or 50 Mbps, they all have the same problem.

And EXACTLY the same thing when we’re on the road and connected in a different location.

So, BEFORE Youtube TV can decide the Rokus are at fault, is there ANYTHING that can be done to make sure they’re ABSOLUTELY NOT at fault?  OR, if the Rokus ARE causing the unbelievably infuriating problem, what needs to be done to FIX THEM?

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Re: Roku streaming Youtube TV won't resume playback after skipping commercials


These are all issues with the YTTV app/service, some of which are more Roku-specific, all of which have been experienced with YTTV subscribers on Roku/etc at one time or another, but all are Google's to address (via app/UI updates, service updates, or server-side/provisioning updates).

You should implement a multi-platform streaming strategy just for situations like this - I recommend 3 different platforms/devices, one of which is Android/Android TV-based (e.g. Roku + WebOS + Android/Android TV), and which can be had for $20-50 (e.g. ONN 4K Stream Box, Fire TV Stick 4K, etc).  Then you can test certain issues as being platform/device specific, as well as maximize your streaming capability per-app/service at any time.

In the meantime, contact YTTV CS, get a service credit (they are very easy with them), and use YTTV on another device/platform.

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Re: Roku streaming Youtube TV won't resume playback after skipping commercials

That sounds nice, but it isn't practical.  This has been going on for SIX MONTHS.  YTTV just dithers and their "experts" have said they can't find anything.  So, CLEARLY Google is NOT addressing the problem(s).

I figured the finger would eventually get pointed at Roku, but I figured it would be YTTV that did it, not here.  It's not feasible to use a computer for communal viewing, that's what the TV is for.

Are you recommending I dump the Roku and buy some other device?  Meaning the Roku IS the problem?

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Re: Roku streaming Youtube TV won't resume playback after skipping commercials


A Channel/app may be coded differently depending on which platform it is developed for.  If Google does not fix its development for the Roku platform, then you are left with 2 options.  ( 1 - wait for Google to fix its Channel/app, or 2 - use Youtube/Youtube TV on a different platform that may not be experiencing the issue.)

Many users, as @UserOfStreamers is indicating, use various streaming devices so when particular channels/apps are not working properly on one device platform, then can just just watch it on their other platform.  If I were predominantly using Youtube/Youtube TV, I would probably lean toward a Chromecast with Google TV device, or even an ONN (Android) Streaming player as my alternative device.

It is really not a blame game.  Each channel/app developer is responsible for developing, maintaining, and fixing their channel/app to work on the different platforms.  If the developer is unable or unwilling to do so, then really just have to use on a platform that isn't experiencing the same issues.

Personally, whenever I experience a problem with a Channel/app on Roku, I am often able to get the content on my laptop and then use a HDMI cable to my TV.  However, some people prefer the convenience of a remote so my method may not be suited for all.  You just sometimes have to find an alternative method that works to get whatever your desired content is and in a manner that is convenient for you.

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Re: Roku streaming Youtube TV won't resume playback after skipping commercials

Thanks for the reply. 

I'm not saying your idea(s) don't make sense - multiple devices from different companies and displaying on things other than the TV, just that they're not a great solution our situation. 

I COULD do what you're suggesting in the office, where I normally watch since the TV there is a second computer screen.  It would be difficult where the other TVs are.

I've researched the Chromecast and as far as I can tell, the remote WON'T do skip forward or back.  Which is something we use constantly to go through commercial breaks - which is also why having the Roku not work is so aggravating.

Are OTHER Roku devices going to have the same problem (I understand y'all don't have a magic wand) as the older Roku Express units we've been using?  There's a Roku Streaming Stick that's cost effective and I'm wondering if it's new enough NOT to be plagued by what we're getting now?

I also looked at the Amazon Fire TV and it looks like it MAY skip, but the BIG complaint I saw everywhere is the overwhelming amount of ad junk from Amazon on everything.

SO - chance that a DIFFERENT Roku device might NOT have the current problem?

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