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Roku streambar with Rogers Ignite

I wish there was a way to reach out to Roku directly about their streambar, like you can with Sonos speakers.  So...I have a Samsung TV, Roku Streambar and Rogers Ignite.  I control all this with a harmony remote.  There are two HDMI ports - HDMI 1 is Rogers Ignite, HDMI 2 is Arc, so I've plugged the Roku Streambar in through HDMI 2. 

The audio works perfectly for the streambar. But when I switch to Rogers, I can't get the audio out of the streambar - it defaults to the TV automatically.  The TV and the Rogers Ignite settings seem to recognize the HDMI output, but nothing I can do or set (I even tried the optical cable) will let audio come through the Roku speaker.  Very disappointing.  

Anybody have a similar situation? Is there a solution?



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