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Roku streambar audio drops out when music is beIng played

ABout 3 months ago my roku streambar started dropping out to an almost mute distorted durge whenever  any music was played on multiple streaming channels (Netflix Hulu amazon hbo and roku channel itself etc all of them - so it's a streambar problem, I have several Rokus attached to same Tv and to a nearby tv and it only happened with streambar. I first did a power off and new set up as if I was being set up for first time and it didn't change anything. Then out of nowhere, I could here intro music, songs in tv programs. Then I went to watch a musical award show and sinces it's basically all music with intros - I could hear nothing, I did system update, tweaked sound settings nothing worked. I've learned to live with not hearing the theme song to my favorite show or music over the credits but with movies and musical events my streambar gives me this almost indecipherable whispered durge, it happened last two weeks with Adele concert on paramount + - so I had to watch it on cable tv and with movie King Richard - Beyoncé song I knew was supposed to play over credits and wasn't. Please any tips - it happened with some roku update and I have done a reset once already.

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Re: Roku streambar audio drops out when music is beIng played

Just got my Roku Streambar and have the same issue as this user!  I was streaming the Justin Timberlake concert at MGM Grand on Netflix.  Watched a couple times before Streambar and sounded great through TV stereo speakers.  Now all I really hear is JT and the entire band is like "muted" in the background...really not good and very annoying.  Was expecting better from Roku product.  😞

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