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Roku responds annoyingly to LG remote in error

I have two Roku Express devices used with two LG 4K TVs in different rooms. While watching Roku if I press the volume control on the LG remote it PAUSES the Roku play. Volume up seems to pause the Roku more often than volume down although it occurs on both.  Very frustrating and annoying. It does this in both locations. I have to go back and forth between the two remotes to get play at a desired volume level.

Unfortunately, it seems there is no tech support that I can call or email regarding this issue. That lack of support is even more annoying.

Any suggestions?????

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Re: Roku responds annoyingly to LG remote in error


Apparently, seems to be an IR conflict with the LG Remote affecting the Roku device. (3930 is IR controlled only).

Short of replacing the Roku devices with newer models like the Roku Express 4k/4k+ or Roku Streaming Sticks that use Wifi/RF controls, or using a universal remote for your LG that may allow you to program using another set of codes that still operate the TV, you could try repositioning the Roku Express a little further away from the LG TV's IR sensor. (or maybe turn it a bit in another direction that still responds to the Roku IR remote.)

Basically, you have the block the Roku from seeing/responding to your TV's remote IR signal when pressing buttons, but still allow it to see/respond to the Roku remote IR signal.  Can even consider using a longer HDMI cable and power cable that will allow you to move the 3930 devices further away from the TV sensor. (should be able to use a cell phone charger cable with microUSB connector for the device end).

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Re: Roku responds annoyingly to LG remote in error

IR overlaps are not super uncommon, though I am surprised that there is one with such a well-known brand. I would expect a conflict with LG to be getting at least a few posts per week and I don’t recall any.  I don’t really know where to go with this, other than to say it seems odd. It makes me suspect there is some other condition that must be satisfied for this to occur, though I don’t know what that is.

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