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Roku pass-through issue on Yamaha

I am having issues with 4K HDR pass-through on my Roku

My setup is as follows:

TV: Hisense 55' ULED: 55M7000UWG

Receiver: Yamaha Avantage RX-A3060 (Firmare 2.85)

TV Setup Box: Roku Premiere +

My setup is fairly simple. 1 Premium UHD HDMI goes from the Roku to the Receiver on AV1, The other Monster Premium HDMI goes to TV HDMI 3 from output 1 on the Receiver

When I play YouTube, a sample 4K HDR@60 video, automatically the TV switches to HDR mode, no issue. when I open Netflix if only passes 1080p HDR@60

I changed the display type on Roku to 4K@60 - without HDR and everything works

Things to note

1. When connecting Roku directly to TV, the display type when connected shows its capable of 4K HDR@60

2. Upon connecting the Receiver the display type in Auto mode can only go to 4K HDR@30 and in Advanced I see the roku only has chroma of 4.2.2 as the highest

Two things I am suspecting. My TV might not support 4K HDR@60 or the Roku Premiere +

Please help


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