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Roku not streaming HULU, Bravo, SYFY, others on all my Rokus

All of my Rokus are having a problem streaming certain shows on Bravo, all of HULU (HULU app will eventually go to an error screen while loading), SYFY issues streaming shows (I get an error 'no valid bitrates' in the middle of a show, and others are getting various errors. This is happening on all my Rokus. I have 11 of them all of various types. I even plugged in a new Roku streaming stick+ and it has the same issues. I can stream all of the channels and shows on other devices fine. My internet speed is 160/30. My Rokus are on wireless as well as some are wired. Spectrum modem and router have been rebooted. All Rokus have been rebooted and they report great connections. This has been going on for the past 2 dqys.

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