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Roku low volume issues on all my settings

I have these in my set up: Yamaha RX-A780, Samsung TV model UN55MU630D, Roku ultra 4800R device.

My original Roku died and I installed the 4800R to replace it.  Figured out how to get the center channel working, but the sound level is a good 10-15 points below the previous setting. 

I use two bookshelf speakers and a center speaker everything worked fine before.

Under settings/audio/streaming audio format I have audio set on auto.  For the next category settings/audio/digital output format I have it set on stereo.  I tried pass through and the center channel works on both, but the volume level is the same for either.

I have leveling on under options, but I do not have the AC-4 on since I am on stereo.

Firmware was updated when I installed the unit and is current.

Is there a solution or fix for the low volume vs the previous model?  No set up I have tried solves this problem.

Thanks for any help.  Brian

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