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Reel Rookie

Roku express will only play for 3 minutes then stops

My device is a Roku Express 3930x


I'm not sure when it started because the TV that it's connected to rarely gets used.


Whenever I start streaming with any app (Discovery+, YoutubeTV, even the Roku Channel Live TV) at almost exactly 3 minutes playing stops and it jumps back to the Home screen.


I can restart the stream, the stream starts back where it left off and again at almost exactly 3 minutes it jumps back to the Home screen again. I can do this indefinitely.


I've restarted the device a few times already


I haven't done a factory reset yet. I figured I would asak here to see if it's a known issue or if I'm missing something that can fix the issue first.


Any suggestions?




EDIT to add:


I have three other Roku Ultra's that don't do this.

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Roku express will only play for 3 minutes then stops


If you are powering your Roku by plugging into the USB port on the TV, try powering from house power via the USB power adapter that came with the Roku.

The ports on many televisions only supply 0.5 amp or less, which is not enough to power a Roku reliably. It may appear to start up okay, but when it runs into something that requires more power than the tv's USB port can provide, something's got to give. Frequently this results in shutting down the stream you are viewing and exiting back to the Roku home screen.

If this is a new problem, possibly an update to either the Roku operating software or to some channel app software is using a little more power than in the past, triggering this problem.

If you don't have a Roku adapter handy, any other you have from another device should work as long as the fine print on it says it outputs at least 1 amp.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku express will only play for 3 minutes then stops

I've already checked that the firmware is up to date.


I don't power it from the TV and the adapter has sufficient power to power the Roku.


the stream literally turns off after almost exactly 3 minutes (+/- a second or 2) so I really doubt it is a power supply issue.


And as mentioned it doesn't matter what app I am running (even the built-in Roku channel) it does the same thing.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku express will only play for 3 minutes then stops

Not that I'm getting much help but just to update...


I tried a factory reset and I still have the same thing happen.


It's pretty **bleep** that my device doesn't even qualify for even a chat with Roku customer support to try to fix a device of theirs that I paid money for and I'm left begging the Roku community for support that I should be getting from Roku.



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