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Roku express 4K+ defective

I bought a Roku Express 4K+ a little over a month ago and I’ve experienced several issues that I can’t find solutions for

1. The Roku remote power button only turns on the tv and not the device. I have to press the home button or reset app buttons to turn on the device after the tv is already on

2. On multiple streaming platforms, the show starts either 5 minutes or 20 minutes into the episode

3. On multiple streaming platforms, the audio is not synced up with the video

Ive tried repairing the remote to the device, I’ve tried factory resets and updates 

can anyone help?

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku express 4K+ defective

1 is normal if the power saver option is enabled (and it is by default.)  The power buttons on Roku remotes were always part of the “TV controls” section – they don’t affect Roku players.  Some remotes will surround all the “TV controls” with a border but Roku remotes don’t. (Which I consider to be a bit of a design faux pas as this confuses many people.)

2 and 3 sound like issues with certain (unspecified) streaming platforms.  That is, I think it’s the platform not the player.  Also, if you’re sharing a profile with someone else, maybe that other person stopped 20 minutes in.  (Just some guesses as there isn’t much to go on here.)

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