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Roku Ultra not seeing my network hard drive content fully

Hi All...

New to this, my Roku Ultra (just arrived from amazon US), I'm UK based. I wished to update my current media player...the old western digital which has been and is faultless. Heard great things about the Roku and thought it may be worthwhile using it on the new 4k screen. Plugged it in, set it up, and out of the 400+ films I've got stored on my hard wired networked storage, it only sees 5. Nearly all are the same format, MKV or MP4, MOV, just doesn't show anything.....any clues or fixes as to what the issue could be? Thought this was going to be simple plug and play like the WD....any help appreciated. Many thanks, Mark.

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Re: Roku Ultra not seeing my network hard drive content fully


If I add or remove content to a hard drive connected directly to my Ultra 4660 USB port, I have to sometimes Back out of the Roku Media Player (RMP) using the Back button all the way to the first RMP screen.  Then go back in to the folders one by one to Refresh/Repopulate.

Other times, I have to back out and then perform a manual System Restart. (Settings/System/System Restart or Settings/System/Power/System Restart).

If I am using a DLNA, rather than directly plugged in the Ultra USB, I normally have to verify that the "Title" in any metadata is either left blank or matches the filename exactly for it to show up in the RMP.  Otherwise, RMP will show only a portion of the available content on my drive.

Am assuming you have tried restarting both the Roku device and your harddrive/NAS/USB storage and that you are using external power for the new hard drive if required?


I typically just use standard WD SATA harddrives with USB adapters or use USB drives and run them through either the Ultra or my router's DLNA server though.  There are others here with more advanced media NAS setups that can offer you better troubleshooting.

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Re: Roku Ultra not seeing my network hard drive content fully

Hi, many thanks for your response. I've not tried anything than screen setting in advance settings....The two NAS hard drives I have were installed 9 years ago and work perfectly with the 7 WD media players have have within the house, seriously expected a bit of plug and play from what I'd read, hence the purchase.

Will try your solutions tomorrow time permitting, just seems odd it only reads a handful (if that) movies from the hundreds we have, near on 800 in total across both drives. The gas driver are run through a patch panel and cabled to each room, never had an issue, but will try another room / tv / cable etc to see if the problem lies there. Would it have anything to do with file size issues? i try and maintain file sizes of around 3-5gb each.....

many thanks, Mark.

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