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Roku Ultra no longer functioning on my Samsung TV

My Roku Ultra has apparently crashed my TV.   

After 13 months of near flawless performance my TV was attacked by the Flicker bug 10 seconds fine 1o with no video. Rebooted, no change.   Tried the Power 5x, up 1x, rew 2x, fwd 2x fix that worked twice for about ten mintues.  This morning the problem persisted and I miraculously made it to the settings, advanced setting screen to get to the auto refresh option.   Upon reboot that worked for 4+ hours until the TV was turned off.  Upon power up I was fine for 20 minutes then I lost video then I lost all audio when I disconnected everything to reset. 

I also disconnected all power and cable feeds from TV for 30 minutes before trying again. I currently can't see the settings or anything else to try.  

The TV is an older 2016ish Samsung model #UN46ES6100F that worked perfectly until last night.  Unfortunately I dont have another newer TV to connect as a trouble shooter.

Seems like I'm victim of a bad update, I can't tell you what version I'm on because I can't see a thing on TV.

Any thoughts?   





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Re: Roku Ultra no longer functioning on my Samsung TV


Those Roku "secret screens" don't always work as described. I used them as far back as Roku software version 4. Current version is 10.5. They aren't officially supported, and what it did in one version might not work well in another version. Use with caution. Or don't use them.

I suggest you do a full factory reset and hope it rolls back to OOB software.

With power applied, press and hold the reset button for no less than 30 seconds. That is important. Count to 30 while looking at a stopwatch if you have to. 30 continuous seconds.

Does that resolve things?

You also said you "don't have another newer TV" which isn't the same as not having another TV; just that any other TVs would be older. So put it on an older if you have to to verify things.

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