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Reel Rookie

Roku Ultra Video/Audio (Connection) Constantly Drops Out (Even in Home Menu)

Bought a Roku Ultra (Model 4670) to watch the Superbowl in 4k last year (2020).  About a month after that, the connection would start dropping out (black screen, no audio) for about a second or two at a time, every few minutes or so.  Hard resets seemed to initially fix the issue at first.  I know it is the physical HDMI connection dropping, because the audio source being detected by my Onkyo receiver will reset during longer dropouts as if someone physically unplugged the HDMI cable.  Eventually it got worse over the the point where it was dropping out every 5-10 seconds, regardless of the app I use, and even drops out in the home menu and on the screen saver.


Last summer I searched around and found dozens of Ultra users reporting the same issue.  Some suggested it was everything from the chipset overheating to bad firmware.  I have troubleshoot in every possible way: Different TV (we got a new TV), new 2.0 certified HDMI cables, using a computer monitor, plugging directly into the display, plugging into the audio receiver, etc.  Only one thing was clear: something is clearly wrong with the Roku unit - software or design wise.  Users were reporting they would get a new replacement unit and the same problems reappeared.  And so we just gave up on the Roku in frustration and have been using the built-in smart apps of our TV instead of the Roku for the past 10 months.


TL;DR Summary: Here we are a year later, Roku still doesn't seem to have any real fix except to blame "external factors" when responding to customers, and my warranty expired just 4 days ago thanks to my proscratination of not wanting to deal with a broken product the manufacturer does not have a clue how to fix.  If anyone has any advice, I'm open to hearing it.

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