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Roku Ultra - No Signal after sleep

I have a brand new Roku Ultra that I just ordered for our projector in the theater room. Initial setup went great, configured it for 4k, watched a few movies and everything was great. However, after turning off the projector for the night I was greeted with a “No signal” message when I went to use it the following day. 

I went ahead and tried unplugging and plugging back in the HDMI cable. The projector went back to trying to use the input but eventually said no signal. 

I rebooted the Roku and I saw the boot screen with the hopping letters. However, after the load screen it went back to no signal.

I tried this a few more times, tried a different HDMI cable, tried leaving it powered off for a bit longer but no matter what I can’t get the Roku menus to show up. 

I did a factory reset on the Roku and went through the setup process to get it working again. Everything worked great for another night of movie watching and then I was greeted by the wonderful “No signal” message the next morning. I’m not going to go through the factory reset everyone I want to use my theater room so I am hoping someone has a fix for this. Otherwise I need to return it and get something that works with the projector. 

I would appreciate any help available to resolve this rather annoying issue!

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku Ultra - No Signal after sleep

Turn off "auto power savings" mode:  Settings/System/Power/Auto powers savings = unchecked

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