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Roku Ultra Freezes/Hangs whenever switching to a different input on the receiver and then back.

Hi, we were using a Roku 3 for a long time.

Upgraded to a Roku Ultra because of a new 4K TV.

We also upgraded a Yamaha 4K receiver as well at the same time.

However, one REALLY annoying problem with the Roku Ultra is that every time we switch to a different input on the receiver (like Chromecast) and then back to the Roku, it causes the roku ultra to hang immediately _after_ exiting the fish screensaver. The fish still move once switching back, but the moment a button is pressed, the screen goes black for 30s, and then the whole device reboots with the boot up animation.

It does this every time. I plan on contacting support, but the site asked to post here first.
This Roku Ultra is brand new. Just purchased weeks ago. Yes, have checked for firmware updates already.

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