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Roku Ultra Factory Reset Itself Twice, Wrong Channel Thumbnails & More

I tried to include as much into the title as possible. After searching different places I have yet to come across anyone talk some of the issues I've had with one of my Roku Ultras. I'll keep it short but mention all of the strange problems I've had over the past month. This is a link to a reddit post I made that includes images of the channel thumbnails, storage error after microSD card installation, and the current update my device is running.

Issues I've encountered:

  • (2) Factory resets
  • Storage issues after installing a microSD card
  • Wrong channel thumbnails
  • Audio track changing on it own

The first time my device began to add up was when it factory reset itself suddenly. I wasn't navigating any menus or using the remote, the screen went black and when it came back on it was on the language select screen that pops up when you first set up the device when you purchase it. It's reset itself in the past but never like this. When I finished the setup I noticed the channel thumbnails were different. AT&T TV Now has a green stripe in the corner with "dev" written on it. Also the Roku Channel has "Valhalla" written on the bottom. Then I had trouble opening channels due to insufficient storage which I doubt because I have another device that's the same model and have never had that problem. After installing a 32GB microSD card the error went away but only for a week or two. I tried to open YouTube but received a different variation of the "insufficient storage" error that doesn't mention installing a microSD card. I checked the settings to see how much storage on the microSD card was used and just as I expected only about 7% of the storage is taken up so why doesn't YouTube want to open anymore? Why am I being told I have insufficient storage when I obviously do? The device factory reset itself a second time without explanation. After that happened the thumbnail for VUDU changed to the old logo for some reason. Rebooting the device doesn't change the thumbnails back. The audio track changed itself from English to Spanish this week as well.

I don't expect there to be a fix for these issues but it would be great if there is. Mostly I think it's important to share these experiences just in-case anyone else encounters these issues. Again I haven't seen anyone mention some of these things online but I would love to hear your thoughts on this wild stuff. Thanks for reading.

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Re: Roku Ultra Factory Reset Itself Twice, Wrong Channel Thumbnails & More

Let me tell you something I am a Developer.

I never would have considered coming into a Platform with per-conceived

notions and expectations.

Why wouldnt you simply come in and accept default settings?

Are you trying to rule the world?

Roku does what it was designed to do perfectly for me.

It is not yours to have for any whim. Capiche?

Get Real.



---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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