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Roku Ultra (4660X) intermittent Audio issue after rewinding/fast forwarding

Have a weird issue that happens sporadically.  I have a TCL UHD Android TV (TCL 65S434) with a Roku Ultra (4660X) plugged into HDMI 2, with a Klipsch Soundbar 600 plugged into HDMI 1 (ARC).  On the Roku Audio is set to Auto and HDMI is also set to Auto.  On the TV audio is set to passthrough.  In both Netflix and Hulu at times if I rewind a show I'm watching I get a weird audio issue that is hard to describe.  Best I can say is it like fades in an out, but you can't really hear anything going on, just sound going in and out.  To fix it, I have to exit out of the app, then restarting it and going back into the show usually fixes it.  In the Roku setting I had change Audio from Auto to Stereo and that fixed the issue, but I recently added the soundbar and I'm missing out on a lot if I select Stereo in the Audio settings.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is an annoying issue.

Roku version is

Model 4660X Roku Ultra

Any additional info just ask.  



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