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Roku Tv Black Screen, no audio, and can't reset.

I was just turning on YouTube and got an ad. I use the Roku app as my remote because my remote was every glitchy. I went to skip it but nothing happened. Once the ad ended my screen went black, (however, on YouTube there is a glitch where your video will be a black screen and it'll say 0:00. I can't check though) On my Roku app, the only option for my TV is to turn on and the countdown will begin, I tried that but it stopped after 3-5 seconds. I've tried taking out the back cord for 30 seconds then plugging it back it. It doesn't change at all.

I have no idea what to do and I'm getting scared.

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Re: Roku Tv Black Screen, no audio, and can't reset.

Hi @Sunny4

Thanks for the post.

Have you tried contacting the TV manufacturer to inquire further? I'd suggest starting there to see what options or suggestions they can provide. Each Roku TV manufacturer provides direct support and warranty services for their products running the Roku OS.

For a list of Roku TV manufacturers contact information, visit our Community post here: Contacting Support for Your Roku TV

All the best,

Kariza D.
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