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Roku Streaming Stick+ Freezing

I recently purchased a Roku Streaming Stick+. From the start the device freezes and the remote becomes unresponsive for seconds to minutes. If unresponsive for more than 5 minutes I will usually unplug the Roku device and reboot it. The Roku freezes at the home screen and in every app I use. Most annoying. I've done a factory reset which is annoying for a device that is only 1 month old. I've tried it in another TV with same results. I assume the device is defective?


Roku Guru

Re: Roku Streaming Stick+ Freezing

1)  Make sure you are using the supplied USB AC power adapter - plugging into the TV/AVRs USB ports can result in similar behavior (they generally dont supply enough current).

2)  Switch WiFi Bands/Channels - if using 2.4Ghz, switch to 5Ghz, or if using 5Ghz, switch to 2.4Ghz-manually configure/switch either bands current channel to something other than what it is currently set at:  2.4Ghz use 1, 6, 11 - 5Ghz use 36 or 149 (dont use Auto), disable "B" compatibility, use 20Mhz channel bandwidth (this is done via the configuration pages of your modem/router/gateway).

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