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Reel Rookie

Roku Media Player on Ultra only able to display one USB drive at a time.

Problem:   Roku Media Player on a recently purchased Ultra 2022 model is only able to display one USB drive at a time. My drives each draw too much power to run directly on a Roku USB port, so I have a powered hub that I use to solve that problem.  If I plug both drives into a powered USB hub connected to either of my TCL Roku TVs, the Roku Media Player detects both drives, and I can browse/play content on either.  But if I connect the same powered USB hub to my new Roku Ultra 2022 model, Media Player on the Ultra will only display one of the drives.  If I only plug one drive into the hub, the drive is detected and works.   If I remove one drive, and connect a different USB drive to the hub, the Media Player on the Ultra will also detect that drive and it will work fine.   The problem is that when I plug in BOTH usb drives to the hub, the Roku Ultra's Media Player will only detect one drive or the other.

When I plug the SAME powered USB hub and USB hard drives into either of my TCL Roku TVs, everything works.  Both drives are detected and available for use simultaneously in Media Player.

When the same equipment is connected to the Roku Ultra, only one USB drive is detected at a time.   It's fine if I get up and walk over to the hub, and play the manual USB cable connect/disconnect game, but that seems like it shouldn't be necessary considering that it's not needed on my 3 year old TCL Roku TVs.

Please note that all devices mentioned in this post have been updated to the latest Roku OS available as of 8/28/2022, and the latest version of Roku Media Player as well.

The USB drive content always plays successfully, and I have no issues with media formats or anything like that.  The only (maddening) problem is this:   why won't my newer Ultra model detect multiple USB drives at once?  The older TCL TVs with Roku built-in can do it just fine.


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