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Roku LE causes TV to emit a buzzing sound

I bought a Roku LE for Black Friday. I only managed to recently set it up this month. The setup was straightforward, but the Roku LE is causing my TV to emit a buzzing sound of sorts from the TV speakers. No other devices were causing this issue to my TV. I tried switching out HDMI cables, and I tried powering the Roku LE from both my TV and a wall adapter (5 volts, 2 amps), but nothing seemed to work. I also tried changing the sound/display settings, but that didn't work as well. Does anyone know why the buzzing sound occurs and what i can do to stop it? 


Currently, my Roku LE is being powered by my LG TV using a good quality Insignia HDMI cable to connect to the TV. The TV is an older 2007-ish HD TV, not a 4K TV.

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