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Re: Roku Express takes over cable remote

Thank you everyone who posted on this!  Our new, fancy Roku started doing the same thing (any button on the cable remote would change input to the Roku input).  My husband figured out the cable remote would work properly if he turned on the tv by pressing "DVR" then power on the FIOS remote. 

But now I will try these better solutions. 

BTW, we kept the $10 Roku express and took it with us to visit a sick aunt in upstate NY.  She wasn't up to lengthy visits and we were in the middle of nowhere, so we spent our evenings in the hotel.  It was nice to hook up the express and be able to watch Britbox shows each evening with no commercials. 

Lessons learned:  do not purchase from Roku directly.  Buy from somewhere that you can return in person or that pays shipping when item is returned due to a defect under warranty.

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Re: Roku Express takes over cable remote

Just happened to stumble across this thread.

Just to explain/clarify a bit.  These TVs with HDMI inputs will normally have some some form of HDMI CEC control.  This CEC control allows a device connected to an HDMI input to perform certain functions. (ie dvd player to automatically wake and switch to the appropriate HDMI input port when a remote button is pushed.)

Depending on the manufacturer of your TV, this HDMI CEC feature may be named differently.  You access the HDMI CEC under Settings using your TV remote.  The different names for HDMI CEC can be found at this link.

The One-Touch Play feature of the Roku allows you to wake and automatically switch to the assigned HDMI with the press of any of the Roku remote buttons. (any button press turns both Roku and TV on, and switches to HDMI).  If you disable One-Touch Play, and have the Roku remote programmed to control your TV power and volume, you will need to press the Power button on the Roku button to wake the Roku and power on your TV.  (other button presses other than Power will have no effect on the Roku or your TV when both are powered off.).

As both @rakwoka and @JaredAH correctly indicated, disabling these should resolve hijacked remote/hdmi issue.  By disabling your TV's CEC, should automatically disable Roku's One Touch Play. On some TVs, you can configure the CEC capability for individual HDMI inputs as well.  However, since HDMI CEC is useful to other connected devices, you should first just disable the One-Touch Play to see if resolves issue initially before disabling your TV's CEC capability.  To enable/disable Roku One-Touch Play...

Settings..System..Control Other Devices... 1-Touch Play  [Checkmark to Enable]  [No Checkmark to Disable] 

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Re: Roku Express takes over cable remote

I have the same issue. just set it up today.  roku express 4k. I am in canada, quebec.

after changing video feed to cable on tv, first touch of remote for cable return to hdmi source for roku!

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Re: Roku Express takes over cable remote


Were you able to correct the problem using AVSGunnar's fix?

  • Settings..System..Control Other Devices... 1-Touch Play  [Checkmark to Enable]  [No Checkmark to Disable]

It worked for me, and I have the same Roku Express 4K.


Re: Roku Express takes over cable remote

This fix worked for me.  Awesome help, thanks!!!