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Roku Express red light is on and is overheating

This is my second Roku Express and it is beginning to overheat just like my first one.  I've unplugged several times. I've moved it away from tv.  No screen message but the blue light on my Roku has a red light surrounding it.  No message on screen re overheating yet but red light stays on

Mine is a model 3960X  What to do?

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Re: red light is on and is overheating

Well I just purchased a 4K TV so I also then purchased a 4K Express last September. Apparently it overheated and died. Thank God I had a very old expensive Roku that I hooked up. But it doesn't have all of the functions like my remote on my Express. I'm extremely upset that I can't get it replaced. I have been an avid Roku support person throughout my entire family in fact the first one we ever purchased is probably 12 years old and is still working. So I'm thoroughly disgusted that I spent $40 on something that died that fast. Not proud of Roku right now at all!

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Re: red light is on and is overheating

Hello @Gthressa60 @gmacd10 

Thanks for posting in the Roku Community regarding the issue you are experiencing with your Roku device overheating.

How are you powering the Roku device? Is the device plugged into the TV USB port or is it plugged into a wall outlet?

For more information regarding Roku devices overheating, visit our Support page here: Fix an overheating issue


Danny R.
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