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Roku Express menu glitches

New Roku Express (3930CA) works well for a while, then Roku display freezes and garbage appears in top left of screen. Only the Roku menus freeze though. If a show is playing it’s ok until the end credits which appear in a small box at top right of screen. The Roku still responds to the remote though. The show can still be paused and restarted. If I try to return to home though, the screen goes black with a bit of garbage in top left corner. This garbage moves in response to remote buttons. Only a reset of the Roku will fix it (until next time).A few details:

-Sony TV

-Doesn’t matter which app. Netflix, Prime, Roku Channel. Same thing also happens when not playing a show: Roku menus freeze, but parts of the display respond to the remote.

-Tried factory reset 

-Roku is powered from AC power adapter, not tv.

-Manually set 1080i or 720p. No difference. 

-Subtitles work for a while, then freeze.

Anything else to try before taking this back to the store?

Possibly (un)related: Received a popup on my laptop on the same wifi network saying that Roku was trying to access the browser. Not sure what that was about. The laptop wasn’t used in setting up the Roku. 

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Level 7

Re: Roku Express menu glitches

Update: Tested on different tv, with different HDMI cable. No difference. Exchanged at store and new one seems ok.                

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Re: Roku Express menu glitches

Thanks for letting us know.  Sometimes you just get a lemon.  They'll probably put it back on the shelf and we'll see the next purchaser show up here.  Smiley Happy

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