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Reel Rookie

Roku Express 4K+ loses home screen items

I have two Roku Express 4K+ (Model 3941RW) running 11.5.0 build 4235-CR. The bedroom one is just fine but the living room one keeps loosing the home screen menu items. Under Settings/Home screen I all I end up with is “Movie Store and TV Store” and “Shortcuts”, that’s it. No “What to Watch”, “Featured Free”, “Live TV”, “The Buzz”, “Sports”, nor “My Feed”. All gone.

If I do a factory reset they come back for a day or so but then disappear. So frustrating.

Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas?

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Re: Roku Express 4K+ loses home screen items


If you are currently powering the suspect Roku device with the TV's USB power port, try using the included power adapter and plug directly into wall.

The above symptom is usually indicative of an underpowered device or a failed device/memory issue.


Not all TV USB power ports can supply the required power necessary to operate these streaming devices like Roku.  After connecting to power adapter at wall, you may need to factory reset one more time to get a fresh install of the Roku OS.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Express 4K+ loses home screen items

That was it, thank you.  Very interesting that everything else worked but just those menu items disappeared.  But after plugging into power adapter (vs TV USB port) and yet another factory reset everything is working properly.