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Roku Express 4K is turning off my old Mitsubishi WD73737 TV by itself

I have an old Mitsubishi WD73737 73" projection TV (dumb).  If I turn it off after watching for a few hours it will not turn back on until it cools down (several hours) or if I unplug it from the outlet it may come back on in 15 minutes.

I just got my Roku Express 4K which works great except if I pause the show I am watching for say 15 minutes or so (making dinner) when I come back the tv is turned off.

Anyone know how to stop Roku from turning off my TV?

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Re: Roku Express 4K is turning off my old Mitsubishi WD73737 TV by itself


From your Roku, navigate to Settings..System..Power..Auto Power Savings..Disable/Uncheck.


I have the WD-73740. These TVs have a couple of internal fans that need to periodically cleaned as an accumulation of dust/dirt will cause them to start to overheat and shut down to protect the tv.  Both of these fans are near the DLP bulb.

One is easy to see and access, the other one requires you to remove the engine (couple of screws).  One is typical electronic fan, the other one is a bigger wheel within a separate housing on the engine.  Of course, you have to remove the back cover first.  I clean them yearly now, but problem didn't start until about 5-6 yrs of use.  With these cleaned, you should stop having this overheat issue. Additionally, vacuum all the dust from the front and rear vent grilles to allow airflow.

If the unit shuts off due to overheating, make sure to let the fans finish running their cool down period before unplugging unit.  You will hear them running and the green led light on front should also be blinking.  This same procedure will also be noticeable every time you power down tv after extended use.

You can then do an extended press on the power button and should be able to restart tv if unplugging for a few minutes doesn't work.  

10 years and this TV still going strong.  I think I have replaced the bulbs twice.  


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