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Reel Rookie

Roku Express+ (3910) low bitrate video

I’m in a bit of a strange situation with this, but hear me out: I have a Roku Express+ model 3910 and I use it for use with a CRT television using its composite output at 480i. I mostly do this for the aesthetic, as I enjoy the look of CRT televisions and it feels more fitting to watch older shows like The Twilight Zone on a CRT rather than a modern HD screen. Regardless, this is my setup. The problem is that even at 480i, it’s obvious that there is la problem of low bitrate video when streaming. Checking my router, the most it pulls at once is 2Mbps. Usually it sits a little over 1Mbps. That is remarkably low bitrate for video, even if it is standard definition. Blocking and banding is obviously visible due to this. The network is clear, with very few devices around using 2.4GHz as most devices use Ethernet or 5GHz in my home, and even something like my 3DS with wireless G connectivity still can pull over 10Mbps easily in the same area. My router is an Eero Pro 6. It’s definitely not a network issue. Since the bitrate hidden menu has been removed, I can’t try manually setting it higher, and otherwise this device works just fine. Is there anything I can do to improve this? Thanks.

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Re: Roku Express+ (3910) low bitrate video

What is the source of the videos you're watching? Is it one of the major streaming providers, or one of the low cost/free channels? Most likely you're seeing the quality that they are sending, and that's simply all you can get. Even at SD, assuming the quality is in the stream being sent it should look fine. But I've absolutely seen some streaming sites that are sending VHS quality at best, which is far below what is considered standard def. 


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