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Roku Channel Sound Issues

I have sound with every app on my Roku express until I select their own Roku Channel app, the new Roku Originals released today 20.05.21 will not play with sound for some bizarre reason. There is sound while their logo sequence plays but none of the content plays with sound. Driving me nuts because it doesn't appear to be a technical difficulty at my end. Other shows on their channel have sound, some don't, its pot luck and putting me right off their products. Any Advice? 

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Re: Roku Channel Sound Issues

Update caused no sound...

It's the evening of 20 May 2021. Been having sound issues so did an update resulting in all the channels having no sound. Just did that long and time consuming reset to factory settings and still no sound. Come on Roku!!! Get it together.

BTW, It's version 10.0.0 * build 4198-29

Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Channel Sound Issues

I was having the same issue. Then I changed one setting and the sound is perfect. Here what I did: from 'Home' go to 'Settings', then to 'Audio'. In the Audio menu, make sure 'HDMI' is set to 'Auto-Detect' UNLESS you are 100% certain your TV, Soundbar, etc. can support Dolby Digital, DTS or Dolby Digital Plus. If you're not sure, just put it to Auto Detect and #RokuOriginals should work just fine. 

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