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Reel Rookie

Roku 4200X Flashing Light


First Post.

This 4200X has ran without issue for numerous years.

A while back I experienced the below;

Turned on the TV and no Roku screen. No Signal reported from TV.

The white light appears but it was flashing twice a pause then flashing twice. 

I pulled the plug on TV and Roku devices and let power down for 2 minutes. Tried again.

Unit seems like its loading. I see the Ethernet port flash/post/activity temporarily during what is assumed its loading attempt (I am wireless - No RJ45 involved in this device).

Seems to get to a point and then it starts the 2 white flashes scenario.

Tried 2 TVs to see if somehow TV was problem. No Change. 

Replaced HDMI Cord with known good (less than a year old - Good Quality) HDMI Cable. No Change.

Verified Voltage out of the Power Supply 12.24 Volts.

So I chucked it into a drawer to be played with at a later time.


So Today is the later date and what got it pulled out of the drawer was my guest rooms 3820X stopped turning on.  So a return request is on that and so I thought I wonder if I can get the 4200X to run. So all tests were reran again with same results.

The only thing that has changed since in the household is a new Netgear Orbi System has replaced the old router (Old was Netgear as well).

I have recently tried the Reset button on back. Held it in place 30 seconds. Turned off. Turned back on held reset pin/button 30 seconds during power up. Released button no change. Pulled power to unit and plugged it back in and still no change.

I am in I.T. (25 years now) and it seems to me like its loading to a point and failing. Can these be re-flashed using the memory card on the side? 

Any Ideas on what the problem may be?

Thanks everyone in advance,


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Roku Guru

Re: Roku 4200X Flashing Light

Likely some deep hardware problem, like failed RAM or flash, or cracked solder.

If you're feeling crazy, you can probably yank out the mainboard and do an oven reflow, but it's probably not worth the effort. I once got a purple streaming stick to work with a crude paint-stripper heat gun reflow.

Looking at photos of the motherboard, I can't see an obvious serial port header to look at a stream of data.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku 4200X Flashing Light


I do have an hot air station and the many electronic tools (Scope, DVM, De-soldering Station (3), etc.)

Might be worth to have a gander at it.

If I knew if I can boot something else thru the external memory slot.

Probably, will have to open it up to see. I have so many of these devices running around my place its not even funny.

So many projects, so little time.

Thanks for the help,