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Recurring HCDP error

Hi everyone - I have Roku Express connected to a Vizio. It’s 1080i HDCP 1.4.

Starting last month I’ve been getting the HCDP error about once a week. I go through the procedure, then everything is hunky dory for the next week.

It’s not a major problem, just annoying.

BTW, I also have an Android TV box (because Roku & HBOMAX nonsense) and that has no issues.

Looking at you, Roku.

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Re: Recurring HCDP error

I have the same problem. just bought roku express and connected to samsung, 1080i HDCP 1.4

Tried troubleshooting but unsuccessful. Even tried a different HDMI cable but error 020 still appears. 
I’m already thinking of returning the product 😪

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Re: Recurring HCDP error, fixed and recurs daily

I bought an Express 4K + two weeks ago and just set it up.  I get the recurring HDCP message twice in two days.  I fixed it but it recurred. The TV is six year old Samsung TV that works well.  Wireless set up.  Does anyone know how to find out if your TV  , cable , whatever supports HDCP?

Two weeks prior to that I bought the Express, and it so far works fine on a smaller tv.  Cannot get this issue addressed re robot roku support or phone customer service.

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Re: Recurring HCDP error, fixed and recurs daily

@TechNan, if it didn't support HDCP you'd get the message constantly, not once in a while.

I don't have an Express 4k+, but if you have a "power saving" option under Settings->System->Power try disabling it.  Also, if you're using the TV's USB port and not the supplied power adapter plugged into the wall try the supplied power adapter.  An underpowered TV USB port can cause all kinds of strange problems.

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