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Recent Issues with Private Listening and CC toggle, now BLACK SCREEN on one applet

Today, the worst Roku App BY FAR, Crunchyroll, BLACK SCREENED MY ROKU. 

Pressing Home or any other button to escape the app did NOTHING--had to physically reset the Roku. CR has been the worst app in SOo many ways for quite some time, but never had the power to LITERALLY BREAK ROKU! (Sony bought an amazing library of broadcasting IP, but the platform is garbage on Roku, web, android.. I assume everywhere else, Crunchyroll is a glitchy mess on every device I've tried)

Over the past several weeks across ALL APPS (especially Hulu), when Private Listening is toggled the screen goes to black, video playback blacks out, then resumes a few seconds later and AFTER a FEW MORE SECONDS audio playback resumes. Always before, this feature worked seamlessly, without breaks in the video or audio stream (though sync issues popped up, easily corrected by bouncing back and then forward, and never worse than Bluetooth lag)

Today, in Hulu I changed the captioning, and CRASHED to the HOME SCREEN: That's never happened before! I've done exactly that in the same WAY countless times over the past years with many apps without these issues.

I've appreciated Roku over the past few years... Lately, ROKU is ANNOYING ME with SYSTEMIC DEFECTS using the Stick+ (given ample cooling) on my living room TV, as well as my other less used basic stick.

I know these devices will eventually fail to meet the UI needs of online services, but none of the services failing LOOK any better, nor offer anything RICHER in UI content or functionality to say... "Hey, it's 2 year old tech just not able to supporting the latest UI's of top-teer content providers"--No features, no embellishments, what was added? I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING on the client side added, so why's it running SO SLOWLY/SHAKILY/UNSTABLELY? Garbage CODE.

It's just GARBAGE CODE on an ever increasingly UNSTABLE PLATFORM.

Don't get me wrong. It's not unusable, and if there were no alternatives I'd still appreciate Roku: Fact is there are.  Clean this up please, and I'll buy more of your platform devises and remotes, because it's easier for someone I share my life with to use.


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