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Please fix 4k 30hz Dolby Vision support. We've waited long enough.

Fix 30Hz support for Dolby Vision. Almost all tv and movies don't run at 60Hz anyway. I don't know why this is such a problem, as the Apple TV 4k does it perfectly on the same television (LG E6 Oled). We've waited a very long time for this. I have FIVE Ultras. Throw me a bone here.

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Roku Ultra 4800R and dolby atmos problems

Just purchased Roku Ultra 4800R and connected it to a Denon AVR that supports Dolby Atmos as well as DTS.  Used the new cable provided with the unit.  I've tried numerous settings as per some of the posts here on this support page, however nothing has fixed the problem, all I can hear is the programming in STEREO.  Re tested the set up using the DVD input in the AVR and the 7.1 works perfect.  Any suggestions how to get dolby out of this Roku unit?  Thanks

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