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Philips Roku TV Sound and Wi-Fi Issues

I bought a 65 inch Philips Roku tv just this last December. Ever since then, it’s had intermittent sound issues. The sound just completely cuts out for a few seconds when I’m streaming shows. Also, the sound can lag and then requires a restart in order to get it to line up with the scene again. This happens on multiple apps with different shows. 

Also, I have it connected to my 5G wifi with the router in the room. It will just randomly disconnect from the wifi while streaming, which kicks me back to the homepage, and then it reconnects itself within a couple seconds. Spotify is impossible to listen to because it just randomly disconnects but if I leave it alone for a few seconds it will reconnect on its own and continue playing. It makes no sense. 

I have reset the tv, unplugged my router and plugged it back in, disconnected everything I can from my wifi, messed with the sound settings, everything I can find on google to troubleshoot these issues multiple times to no avail. The tv is massive though and would be very inconvenient to have to return or replace. 

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Re: Philips Roku sound and wifi issues

Hi @Staceface89 and also wanted to extend a welcome to the Roku Community.

It sounds like the TV's connection to your Wi-Fi network is causing a bunch of frustrating issues. To narrow down the issue, are you able to plug in an Ethernet cable temporarily from the TV directly to the router?

Using an Ethernet cable, you'll want to set your Network to "Wired" under your settings menu. Then, try streaming for a few days, and most of the issues go away, you can assume the Wi-Fi is the culprit, and make some changes to your wireless network to try to help the TV connect better. You may find the 2.4 GHz network, for example, is better to use for your environment and this usually just involves switching the network during wireless setup, or potentially making a configuration change to your wireless router. 

Try running a cable first, if you can, and let us know what you find. We'll be awaiting your results!

How to check your connection to your home network and the internet. 

Happy Streaming!

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