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PartyTrivia App downloaded for $1.99 and does not work

I downloaded an app called Party Trivia where multiple people can play using their cell phones. It cost $1.99 but it never worked. I do not care about the money, What ticks me off is that it does not work. I cannot find customer support on this website. 

Just wanted you to be aware!! Some apps are ripoffs!!

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Roku Guru

Re: PartyTrivia App downloaded for $1.99 and does not work

Roku does not use apps. They are channels. Roku also does not develop over 90% if the channels available to download to your Roku device. I could not find any "PartyTrivia" in the channel store. Only Trivia TV or Trivia Channel. If you highlight the channel on your Roku home screen and press the * button on the remote you will get the developers information. Reach out to them. 

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