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Overheating on Roku stick

How can I prevent my Roku stick from overheating? I have been getting an error message recently.  This has never happened before I have had the stick for a little over a year.  Thank you.

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Re: Overheating on Roku stick

You can try ordering the free HDMI extension cable (if you're in the US).  Getting it away from the TV may help.

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Re: Overheating on Roku stick

Lowered my Roku Stick's temperature by 10 degrees (from 101° C to 91° C). Did 2 things.

First- installed an extended cable having my Roku Stick away from the tv.

Second- (and this is sort of a caveman repair but I dont care - lol) attached an old pc video card heatsink to it with electrical tape-lol. I was not willing to open the enclosure and since the plastic was overheating as well I decided to "attach" the heatsink to the plastic case of the Roku Stick (with thermal paste and all) using electrical tape. Does not looks good but its behind the tv so ...

Temperature went down and the annoying message stopped. So its all good.  And the electrical tape is holding... hahaha.


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