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On power on, all units go to screensaver.

Just set up 3 units, 2 Ultras and a Express 4K. Set up was easy and went fine, but now when I turn any of them on, the TV comes on to a "fish tank" screen saver until I hit "OK" button, then the home page comes up, and everything is good after that! Not a huge deal since it all still works, but I was wondering if that is normal starting up?

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Re: On power on, all units go to screensaver.


The Screensaver will activate after a certain time of inactivity.

Sounds like you may be just pressing the Power button on your Roku remote when you are finished watching TV.  As such, the Roku is likely continuing to stream for a period of time, then enabling the screensaver.  The Power button and Volume buttons are TV controls only and have no effect on the Roku device.

When you are finished streaming, press the Home button on the Roku Remote to return to Home Screen before pressing the Power button to turn off tv.  (this will stop all streaming and data usage).  After awhile, Roku will enter a sleep mode.

In order to use Roku device, you then press Home to "wake up" the Roku device.  Press the Power to turn on your TV and you should now be at Home Screen rather than Screensaver.

If you want a single button press to wake up your Roku device, switch to the appropriate HDMI input, and turn on your tv simultaneously, enable Roku's 1-touch play CEC feature. (Settings/System/Control other Devices/1-touch Play).  You will still shut down in procedure above manner (Home first, then Power button.)

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